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The old sycamore tree

The old sycamore tree from the former Aztec Center is able to provide continuous beauty serving as the perfect backdrop to the aptly named mosaic sculpture, "The Old Sycamore Tree," inside the Council Chambers. A contribution of Aida Valencia the Artist






CREATIONS Contemporary Decorative Mosaic

Participation at Creations Jacqueline Iskander book Take a Peek























Breakout! Your Pathway to Success

BREAKOUT guides you through the process of creating your own successful art business.





















The Baja Art Book

he Baja California Art Book Incorporates itself into a series of dedicated efforts to document and recognize the work of the artists from Baja California.





















Director of Latin American Art Fair 2018

Latin American Art Fair is an annual event that presents outdoor exhibits, painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking as well as folk art, crafts, performance and culinary arts of Latin American countries.



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